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Colin’s Magic for Adults

From night clubs to families weddings, Colin Watkins has been hired to ensure that guests are left with a memorable slice of entertainment.  He would be delighted to do the same for your special day.


You may only know Colin as a children’s entertainer, but he is so many more tricks up his sleeve, that you may not be aware of. Since his early 20’s Colin is been employed by nightclubs such as Destiny in Watford and Liquid in Windsor, entertaining well known celebrities. He has also been employed my agencies to entertain them for private events. Since these days it would be easy to be mistaken, to think that he has moved away from working in this area completely, to focus on his children’s magic. But, in the background he has been having the honour and pleasure working for newly webs at their weddings. is my wedding site. He has been delight to be invited to work at business events, and private parties. Whatever your event is, Colin feels honoured to be with you there. His style of magic and warm and friendly and no one is left embarrassed or belittled, because you and your guess are import to him.

Colin, is always updating his tricks to share with others. About six years ago he went onto a hypnotist course, which he loves to show to people and by using it ethically while combining magic tricks.

magic doing a magic trick with the help of some smoke

Magic at Weddings

Thank you to Liz and Terry, for allowing me to share these photos of their special day.  My magic is used as an aid to entertain you and your guests.  I can help your guests to ice break around the dinner table. Between each course, I will be happy to introduce myself to each table and show them a trick or two. Or to mix with each other while you are having photos done.

A big thank you to Lucinda Marland Photography.