Magic for Older Children

As we all know, you never grow out of magic. Whatever your age, the magical wonder always brings surprise, shock, laughter and amazement.

It is always hard to find an entertainer who has a show that is aimed for the older child. They have grown out of the puppets, silly tricks and clowning around. They enjoy true magic, tricks that will leave them wondering how they were done, magic that even adults would enjoy. So, i have put together this show aiming to capture the minds of early teens, nine to 11 years old. The show itself is very professional with tricks and illusions which are more age appropriate for your child and guests.

The opening of the show is 15 minutes of fast action and jaw dropping magic. Making use of fire, birds and fish to add excitement and tension.   Within the show there are many highlights such as tricks including my rabbits and you may even get sawn in half with an electric saw, or your head may be cut off with a guillotine. As well as the big tricks, there are smaller and more clever ones which will leave much to the imagination. And i can guarantee the question on everyones lips will be ‘how did he do that?’


Tel. 01582 794935

Mob. 07961 817834

Areas include Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Surrey, and central London


Tel: 01582 794935

Mob: 07961 817834

International: +44 1582 794935


Address: Colliewobbles Magic,
76 Hill Top, Redbourn,
St Albans, Hertfordshire,
United Kingdom