Entertainment for Teenagers

Many teenagers would be horrified at the prospect of sitting for an hour to watch a magic show! They like magic, but have reached the age where an hour of it just isn’t cool enough! Something a little more sophisticated, and grown up is called for. The popular alternative is to hire a disco, but this can have its downside – the boys won’t dance, or the girls wander off… they get bored and the whole thing can end in disaster! Fortunately there is an entertainment package specifically designed for teenagers that solves all these problems.

The Magic Disco

Colin has teamed up with Robert Kilburn to provide a young adults’ disco with a touch of magic. This event has proved to be an overwhelming success for 9 – 14 years olds.

The entertainment is a perfect blend of music, magic and games, that have all the young teens involved from start to finish. The use of carefully selected “icebreakers” ensure that all guests interact with confidence, enabling them to fully enjoy the occasion. Colin and Rob provide a modern full two hour disco which can also be themed in the style of the 70′s 80′s or 90′s. Clients are welcome to incorporate their own themes into the event – such as favourite movie star or T.V character etc...

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This is one of the most popular entertainment choices for teenagers you can make. For music, magic, lights and a certain razzle dazzle, contact Colin now to secure the date you need. The perfect party for teenagers is just a phone call away.

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