How to Plan the Perfect Birthday Party for your Child – Part.2

In my last post I mentioned 4 things to consider when planning your child’s birthday party. So let’s continue from where we left off.


5. Get hired help. Many people choose to hand over the responsibility for the entertainment of the party to a professional. This is the least stressful option available. Many children’s entertainers will virtually run the whole party for you. All you are left to do is feed the children half-way through the party, and wave them goodbye with a goody bag when they are collected by their parents.


6. Get free help. In addition to retaining the services of a professional entertainer, it is a good idea to rope in a couple of friends or family members to assist during and after the party. It can be completely overwhelming on your own trying to serve up tea and drinks to a group of hungry and thirsty 6 years old! Likewise, at the end of the party, tidying up will take a fraction of the time if you have some help on hand.


7. Make it fun but keep control. The party should be fun for the children, which is the whole point of the celebration. At the same time, don’t let enthusiasm get out of hand. Make sure you maintain order, to avoid things spinning out of control.


8.Keep the games inclusive. If you decide to organise the games yourself, make sure that they keep all the children engaged from the beginning to the end. Games where children are gradually eliminated throughout the game should be avoided, as you will end up with an ever increasing number of children being spectators instead of participants.


9. Short and Sweet. When planning the length of the party, don’t be tempted to turn it into a test of endurance. A timeline of 2 to 2.5 hours is quite long enough. Remember the old show business adage of leaving your audience wanting more? The same holds true of children’s birthday parties. The most successful events are those in which the guests are sorry it’s over, and it should not go on for so long that they are praying for the end!


10. Take advice. If you invest in hiring an entertainer, make use of their expertise. Be aware that their experience of children’s parties may well run into hundreds or thousands of parties, compared to your few. Their suggestions will stem from their many experiences.


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