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Buying Gifts For Bithday Parties

Buying Gifts for Children’s Parties:

Some parties can consist of quite large groups of children. This tends to happen when the birthday child wants all their school friends to attend. With classroom numbers on the rise, this can involve numbers into the thirties.

Most of the children will want to invite the same group of friends when it is their turn to have a party. So you could find that your child is going to 30 or more parties a year! As it is traditional for the birthday child to receive gifts on their special day, you are now faced with the prospect of having to budget and shop for quite a few presents in the course of each year.

The following pointers will give you some good ideas to take on board, and make the process as painless on the nerves as well as the purse strings!

1. Avoid being competitive with other parents. There can be a tendency in some circles for parents to try and out do each other when it comes to buying gifts. This is a pointless exercise and can be a very costly mistake. Bear in mind that the children have little or no concept of value regarding gifts. To them a gift is a gift. They are just as likely to enjoy a gift costing £2, if not more than a gift costing five times as much!

2. Shop wisely. By planning ahead a little bit you can take advantage of buying during the sales. After Christmas can be a good time, when shops are trying to clear out their unsold stock. You can then stockpile presents by storing them in a cupboard, and then just pick one as and when required. Watch out for closing down sales, as this is another good way to buy in quantity. You may even be able to strike a better deal than what’s being offered. It’s worth asking for a further reduction if you’re buying several items.

3.It’s always worth checking out the charity shops in your area. Sometimes people donate items that are brand new!

4. Creative Side: Whatever presents you end up with, they all have to be wrapped at some stage. The expense of wrapping paper can really add up. An alternative free source of wrapping paper is to use old comics. This not only looks great and a lot of fun for the recipient, but it shows your creative side!

Well there you have four ideas that can save you a bundle during the course of a year. You can probably think of some other ways to save money when buying gifts. If so, why not share them in the comment box below?

For more advice on children’s birthday parties, call me at 01582 794935, or on my mobile at 07961 817834 and I will be happy to help.

Planning Your Child’s Party

Where are you going to hold the event?

Will you host the party at your home, or will you be renting a hall?

If you are having the party at home,  Mr Collie Wobbles will adapt for the space available. The games would be limited due to space restrictions, but for a one-hour magic show, the front living room would be fine.

Some clients consider using their garden to hold a party. While this can be a good idea, it is important to bear in mind the weather.  Using gazebos would keep the sun off the children while they are watching the magic show.  However a large tent is really required in case of rain.

Take into account any swings, slides, or other toys in your garden. It is difficult to keep the children’s focus on your party games if there are distractions within their view.  Some parents do not mind if the children play with garden equipment, although this could potentially result in legal issues in the event of accidents.

If  booking the two-hour party, and hiring a children’s entertainer, Mr. Collie Wobbles would recommend hiring a hall in order to take advantage of more space for your money.  This option allows you to relax and enjoy hosting your child’s party in the knowledge that your house and carpets are safe, with no ‘out of bounds’ areas to worry about.  Also, most children entertainers will be able to play more extensive games in a hall – for example, Mr. Collie Wobbles uses a big parachute and a giant air ball at every party held in a hall. (See the ‘show page’ of this website.)  If you shop around using Google or, you can get good deals on halls, so have a go at negotiating!

When looking for a hall, think outside the box. There are village halls and church halls. There are also restaurants and pubs that have function rooms.  Mr. Collie Wobbles will entertain at a party in a Royal Air Force museum, and has also entertained at a party in Kensington Palace.

What day are you having your party?

Some entertainers, including Mr. Collie Wobbles, will offer a discount for an after school party – a great way to save money.
At weekends, entertainers will suggest you book your party either in the morning or afternoon, for example 10 – 12 am or 3 – 5 pm. This will allow them to accommodate four parties over a weekend

Things to do list

It is always good to have a to-do list, to avoid leaving things until the last minute which may lave you anxious and stressed and not enjoy your child’s happy day.  At the top of your “to do” list, write  “This birthday party is for my child, not for me.” Make sure your party planning focuses on making a special day for your child.

Bear in mind your stress and concerns will not those of your child’s. Your child’s concerns will be having friends over, opening presents and eating cake, and not whether the decorations are up or if they are wearing the right party outfit.

Number of guests

You know your child better than even one else.  Do they get overwhelmed by lots of people? Would your child enjoy a few of their closest friends, rather than the whole class?

Check if your entertainer has a limit on the number of guess they cater for, especially if you decide to have a joint party.

Who would be good at running the games?

As part of your planning, choose games and activities that will keep your birthday child, and guests, engaged and involved. Younger children usually need a more structured party with specific activities in which to participate. Consider the age groups of the invitees.

It is extremely challenging to entertain a really wide age range, so enlist the help of grandparents, aunts, uncles or friends to ensure the party runs smoothly.  Since you cannot be in all places at once, delegate some of the games to one person and the cutting of the cake to another.  If you cannot find anyone to help with the party, consider hiring your babysitter to help out for a few hours.

Someone, needs to made the decisions and be the leader

Hiring Mr. Collie Wobbles will save you worry, stress and even money.  You are paying him not only to entertain, but to have  structure and everything in hand.  He is able to entertain the children of all ages with his talent that he has built upon over many years.

Party Food

Some people worry about the party food.  Will there be too much or too little?  If you decide to hold your party in a restaurant, they will be happy to provide food.  Remember to negotiate when booking; they may be able to offer you a special package.  If the catering is your responsibility, don’t go overboard.  It is not necessary to provide a mountain of sandwiches, they will likely end up being thrown away.  Finger foods such as crisps, chocolate fingers and small cakes are attractive to children.  Not the healthiest choice, but birthdays only come once a year.  Warning, children do not really eat much at parties – honestly!

Mr. Collie Wobbles can take that stress off you too!  For an additional price, he can provide party food boxes.

Party Bags

These can take forever to put together, but a visit to the pound shop (or similar establishment), should cut assembly time in  half.  However, this can easily get out of hand and end up costing more than you expected to pay.  Collie Wobbles’ shop page on his website has ready-made girl’s and boy’s party bags at very favourable prices!


Set a budget and stick to it. If you are planning to host the party yourself, the cost can easily escalate as parents search  different options, such as themes, prizes, sweets, games and decorations. The budget can be endless and where do you stop?  But, at the end of the day, your child will have had a lovely day as they see their friends, run around and have food that they love to eat.

Mr. Collie Wobbles would be honored to host your child’s party.  The most important thing, that you cannot buy, is a love of children and the ability to entertain them.  We have given you ideas and things to take into account in planning the party.   Party games can be found in books or Google, yet with a Collie Wobbles Magical Party, we believe that a birthday party should be more than just games, and the comedy magic show is included with all his parties.  See his live animals, and hear “squeals” of delight from your guests.  There will be no need for you to sort out helpers, decor, balloons and a list of games – all you will need to do is decide where you are going to hold the party (and make the booking if in a hall).  Prepare some food or Collie Wobbles can provide you with this service at an additional cost.  No need for you to worry about anything.

Collie Wobbles party can cater for up to 35 children, thereby allowing a whole class to come and join in the fun.

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Fun Ideas for Birthday

Fun Ideas for Children’s Birthday Parties: It can be a challenge for parents planning their child’s birthday party to decide what to do to ensure an enjoyable event for all guests.

There is pressure on parents who compete against each other in providing an unusual party experience for their children.

The important thing to remember when planning a birthday party is that the most important factor is that the children have a great time.  The most successful parties are those which adhere to the principles of the classic children’s birthday party.

The most popular type of event over the last 40 years is where the children arrive at the venue, and are treated to a magic show or some special entertainment, have their tea, and then partake in various games and competitions for the remainder of the party. They are then presented with a little goodie bag, or piece of birthday cake to take home.

A new spin can be applied to this format by introducing theme parties – like a fancy dress party, but with the focus  narrowed to a particular subject matter.  A Super Heroes theme would feature comic book and TV heroes that the children are fascinated with. They dress as their favourite characters, the birthday cake would reflect the super hero theme and, if you have hired an entertainer, they would adapt their show accordingly.

Another great idea is a face painting party. Children love to have their faces painted. This is something that you could do yourself, although it would save you time if you hired a professional face painter for the occasion. This can make for a good outdoor activity when the weather is favourable, and protects your furniture!

Whatever type of party you organise, remember, children have a much shorter attention span than adults, and their perception of time is also quite different, so don’t be tempted to make the party too long. No more than 2.5 hours should be allocated for the party. For example, If you are planning on starting at 3.00 pm, make sure you let all the parents know to collect their children at 5.30pm.

For more great ideas on how to make your child’s birthday party entertainment the talk of the school playground, call me at 01582 794935, or on my mobile at 07961 817834 and I will be happy to help.