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Medieval Theme Parties for Children

Medieval Theme Parties for Children: Children are fascinated with stories and folklore from the middle ages. Tales of knights venturing forth on quests to rescue young maidens imprisoned in towers guarded by fierce dragons, capture and stimulate their imagination.

First impressions may be that this would be an expensive party to organise, but that is not the case.  All the costumes and set pieces can be assembled from bits of cardboard and scrap material.

The costumes can be made up beforehand so that the guests arrive at the party in character. However, it can also be a lot of fun to make the outfits in a craft session at the beginning of the party. If you decide to go this route, it would be a good idea to ask the guests to bring some cardboard and scrap materials. (You may find it a little overwhelming to have to find sufficient cardboard and material for a large group of children).

Making the costumes is quite easy. The head dress for the girls costumes consists of a piece of cardboard that has been twisted into the shape of a cone with some coloured material adhered to it to form a train coming from the top of the cone. The rest of their outfit can be made from an old bed sheet, to simulate a long flowing gown. This is draped around the child and stapled here and there to hold its shape.

The outfits for the boys can be made from liberal use of cardboard and tinfoil, with some long oblong shape pieces of cloth to form capes.

Instead of sending out cards inviting guests to the party, why not go one step further and make scrolls. Simply write the invitation onto A5 sheets of paper, then roll them up and secure with a small piece of ribbon. The wording of the invitations can be in the style of Olde English, in keeping with the theme.

Name badges are always a great idea for children’s parties, and a sticky label will do the job. In keeping with the theme, you can add a nice little touch by giving each child a title, for example “John the Brave”, “Sir Robert”, Lady Catherine” etc., The children can have a lot of fun introducing themselves to each other with their titles!

When planning the games, a little lateral thinking will help you to succeed. Many standard party games can be adapted to fit into a medieval theme. For example, pin the tail on the donkey becomes pin the tail on the dragon, and musical statues can be played using some music in keeping with the period.

With a little thought and preparation, a medieval party theme can make your child’s birthday party not only extremely enjoyable, but something the children will talk about for weeks afterwards.

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Food Ideas For Birthday Parties

Food ideas for Birthday Parties

When planning a birthday party, one of the most important things to consider is what you are going to feed the guests. There are three options available when planning this. You can either buy in the food and prepare it yourself, hire an outside caterer, or order fast-food such as McDonalds, KFC or Pizza Hut etc.

One of the things to take into account when deciding what to provide is that some children may have specific dietary needs or allergies. It is easier to deal with this issue if you are preparing the food yourself, thereby giving you control over the ingredients.  ID-100189312

Food Glorious food

Keeping it simple is the best advice to follow. Remember it is a children’s birthday party, so you are not aiming for a gourmet dining experience. The classic party fare consists of a few sandwiches, crisps, fizzy drink and cake. You can easily add variety to the menu by including some pre-cooked cocktail sausages, along with some savory snacks. If you make up some jelly and have ice cream and fruit available, you will be able to offer a choice of desserts.

Much of the work, as far as the food is concerned, can be prepared in advance. You can also prepare individual food boxes for each child. This can be a great idea if you know that some children cannot eat certain foods. When preparing special boxes for those with dietary needs, remember to label the boxes with the names of the children who will receive them. If you are not able to find cardboard snack boxes, you can use paper plates and cover each plate with cling-film after you have apportioned the food.

Remember that the birthday cake is an important part of the food experience. Light the candles on the cake either at the beginning of the tea or towards the end, and lead the children into singing “Happy Birthday” to the birthday child. The ideal time for this would be at the start of the tea, since this will provide you with plenty of time to cut up the cake while the children are enjoying their food.

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How to Plan the Perfect Birthday Party for your Child – Part.2

How to Plan the Perfect Birthday Party for your Child – Part.2

In my last post I mentioned 4 things to consider when planning your child’s birthday party. So let’s continue from where we left off.

5. Get hired help. Many people choose to hand over the responsibility for the entertainment of the party to a professional. This is the least stressful option available. Many children’s entertainers will virtually run the whole party for you. All you are left to do is feed the children half-way through the party, and wave them goodbye with a goody bag when they are collected by their parents.

6. Get free help. In addition to retaining the services of a professional entertainer, it is a good idea to rope in a couple of friends or family members to assist during and after the party. It can be completely overwhelming on your own trying to serve up tea and drinks to a group of hungry and thirsty 6 years old! Likewise, at the end of the party, tidying up will take a fraction of the time if you have some help on hand.

7. Make it fun but keep control. The party should be fun for the children, which is the whole point of the celebration. At the same time, don’t let enthusiasm get out of hand. Make sure you maintain order, to avoid things spinning out of control.

8.Keep the games inclusive. If you decide to organise the games yourself, make sure that they keep all the children engaged from the beginning to the end. Games where children are gradually eliminated throughout the game should be avoided, as you will end up with an ever increasing number of children being spectators instead of participants.

9. Short and Sweet. When planning the length of the party, don’t be tempted to turn it into a test of endurance. A timeline of 2 to 2.5 hours is quite long enough. Remember the old show business adage of leaving your audience wanting more? The same holds true of children’s birthday parties. The most successful events are those in which the guests are sorry it’s over, and it should not go on for so long that they are praying for the end!

10. Take advice. If you invest in hiring an entertainer, make use of their expertise. Be aware that their experience of children’s parties may well run into hundreds or thousands of parties, compared to your few. Their suggestions will stem from their many experiences.

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