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How to Plan the Perfect Birthday Party for your Child – Part.1

How to Plan the Perfect Birthday Party for your Child – Part.1

The secret to successful birthday parties for children is the word “Plan”. The old adage that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail is as true for organizing a successful party as it is for anything else.

Here are some things to take into account when planning the event which will only take a few minutes of your time to give some thought to, but will be time well spent.

1. How many guests? The answer will depend on various factors, such as your budget for the event, and where the party is being held. If you are having the party at home, you may want to keep the numbers at no more than a dozen, in order to make things manageable. If you are planning on hiring a local hall or some other venue, then the number of guests is not an issue, and is only constrained by your budget for the event.

2. Where will you hold the party? Many people hold the party at home, but if space is an issue, you may want to consider renting a hall. If you go choose to host the party in a hall, make sure you book the venue well in advance, since facilities are often booked up fairly quickly, and the more notice you can give, the better your chances of getting the desired venue.

3. Don’t be a baby sitter. Sometimes when party invitations are sent out, parents will ask if the invited child’s younger brother or sister can also attend the party. Don’t be tempted to say yes. Hosting a birthday party where all the children are around the same age, say around 7 years of age, the needs and expectations of the children is very different from those of 4 or 5 year olds. Whilst it is normal for the Birthday child’s younger brother or sister to be at the party, there would be considerable added pressure of dealing with a large group of children of mixed ages.

4. Set a budget. This is defined by personal finances and what you can afford. If funds are tight, it is of course possible to do everything yourself at home economically. Of course the higher your budget, the more options and choices are available to you. Remember that the amount you spend has no relationship to the amount of fun the children will have.

We’ve come to the end of part 1. In my next post I’ll be talking about more ways in which to ensure that you have the best birthday party possible for your child. In the meantime feel free to contact me for further advice anytime on 01582 794935, or on my mobile 07961 817834, and I’ll be pleased to help.

The Perfect Atmosphere For Your Child’s Party

Creating the perfect atmosphere for your child’s party:

On your child’s special day it is important to make it an overall magical experience. By hiring a magician you are already making their day that bit more magical; however to enhance this it is also important to have an enchanting setting.

Many ways of doing this can be achieved with simple things for example, party bags, table decorations, balloons and themed prises for the children.  However to really create a stunning environment for all ages, products such as laser lighting, bubble machines, microphones and speakers can make all the difference.  If you decide to hire an entertainer like; Mr. Collie Wobbles. You will find that some of these items will be included within the price paid. Therefore, it is worth asking entertainers about what equipment is included within the price, before hiring. If you wish to do a D.I.Y. party, many of these items can be hired from a specialist.

List of Products for Perfect Atmosphere

Below are listed some examples of how these products can help to make the day more spellbinding.

Speakers – Music is key to a party especially when most children like to spend party time on the dance floor. And just as song choice is important so is the quality of sound that is used throughout the party. Investing in hiring a set of speakers is always a good idea especially in large venues like halls or outdoor areas.

Microphone – You will be surprised on how much a microphone will help you. It will give you authority and ownership of the party, which will help you  keep control of the children’s behaviour. Sometimes, it isn’t that the children are being misbehaving, but simply can’t hear your instructions, due to parents talking in the background.

Bubble Machines – Bubbles have always been fascinating to younger children and can add a sense enchantment to any party. And when paired with the magic of Disney music it can make for a world of excitement and imagination.

Lighting – Good lighting at parties is always key when your children are rocking it out on the dance floor. Laser lighting on ceilings and walls of venues is extremely effective and appeals towards the magical entertainment of the party.

As always, for further advice, please feel free to contact me by phone on 01582 794935, or on my mobile 07961 817834, and I’ll be very pleased to assist you. Alternatively you can send me an email.

Magic Animals

When people think about magic and animals the number one animal that springs to mind is the rabbit.

Since the early 20th century rabbits have been used in the famous ‘Hat Trick’, where the magician, to the astonishment of the audience, produces a rabbit out of a top hat. The first magician to perform this trick to an audience was Louis Comte, in 1814. However the trick was later associated with John Henry Anderson. In modern magic, magicians have found new ways of including the rabbit in the show and many magicians have ‘revamped’ the old ‘hat trick’ and adapted it to fit a modern audience.

Magic Animals Other Than Rabbit

However, besides the magically appearing rabbit there are many other animal options that can be included in the show. Collie Wobbles Magic Show stars Titch, the magic rabbit (popular with young children) who forms a key part of the show. He has two more rabbits, which take turns in coming out with him. One was a gift to his daughter from her grandmother, the other was rescued from a breeding farm. Both rabbits are Dwarf rabbits, which is a popular breed for magicians due to their ability to fit into smaller spaces. There is also George, our incredible Java Dove, who has six housemates who can also appear. For many years, Java Doves have featured in magic tricks because of their white beauty. They are mainly feathers and their body is small, allowing the magicians to hide them in tight spaces. The other wonderful thing about these birds is that they can be trained over time with food. Magicians will train them to sit on the finger or to fly back the owner. Java doves make for a stunning magical experience. Lastly, there is Freddie, our spell-binding fish. He is a goldfish who is also featured in a mesmerising trick in the show involving a balloon and a wine glass. Surprisingly, there is only one fish! He is about three years old now and when he becomes too big will retire in Collie’s dad’s pond. Some people rightly question. ‘Should people work with animals for entertainment?’. We feel very strongly that every animal has a soul and feelings therefore all of our animals are lovingly cared for in our family home as pets. Every animal is registered with our local vets. Collie Wobbles Magic is proud to confirm that every trick in which animals are used has been tested and approved in terms of animal welfare.