Buying Gifts for Children’s Parties:

Some parties can consist of quite large groups of children. This tends to happen when the birthday child wants all their school friends to attend. With classroom numbers on the rise, this can involve numbers into the thirties.

Most of the children will want to invite the same group of friends when it is their turn to have a party. So you could find that your child is going to 30 or more parties a year! As it is traditional for the birthday child to receive gifts on their special day, you are now faced with the prospect of having to budget and shop for quite a few presents in the course of each year.

The following pointers will give you some good ideas to take on board, and make the process as painless on the nerves as well as the purse strings!

1. Avoid being competitive with other parents. There can be a tendency in some circles for parents to try and out do each other when it comes to buying gifts. This is a pointless exercise and can be a very costly mistake. Bear in mind that the children have little or no concept of value regarding gifts. To them a gift is a gift. They are just as likely to enjoy a gift costing £2, if not more than a gift costing five times as much!

2. Shop wisely. By planning ahead a little bit you can take advantage of buying during the sales. After Christmas can be a good time, when shops are trying to clear out their unsold stock. You can then stockpile presents by storing them in a cupboard, and then just pick one as and when required. Watch out for closing down sales, as this is another good way to buy in quantity. You may even be able to strike a better deal than what’s being offered. It’s worth asking for a further reduction if you’re buying several items.

3.It’s always worth checking out the charity shops in your area. Sometimes people donate items that are brand new!

4. Creative Side: Whatever presents you end up with, they all have to be wrapped at some stage. The expense of wrapping paper can really add up. An alternative free source of wrapping paper is to use old comics. This not only looks great and a lot of fun for the recipient, but it shows your creative side!

Well there you have four ideas that can save you a bundle during the course of a year. You can probably think of some other ways to save money when buying gifts. If so, why not share them in the comment box below?

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