Creating the perfect atmosphere for your child’s party:

On your child’s special day it is important to make it an overall magical experience. By hiring a magician you are already making their day that bit more magical; however to enhance this it is also important to have an enchanting setting.

Many ways of doing this can be achieved with simple things for example, party bags, table decorations, balloons and themed prises for the children.  However to really create a stunning environment for all ages, products such as laser lighting, bubble machines, microphones and speakers can make all the difference.  If you decide to hire an entertainer like; Mr. Collie Wobbles. You will find that some of these items will be included within the price paid. Therefore, it is worth asking entertainers about what equipment is included within the price, before hiring. If you wish to do a D.I.Y. party, many of these items can be hired from a specialist.

List of Products for Perfect Atmosphere

Below are listed some examples of how these products can help to make the day more spellbinding.

Speakers – Music is key to a party especially when most children like to spend party time on the dance floor. And just as song choice is important so is the quality of sound that is used throughout the party. Investing in hiring a set of speakers is always a good idea especially in large venues like halls or outdoor areas.

Microphone – You will be surprised on how much a microphone will help you. It will give you authority and ownership of the party, which will help you  keep control of the children’s behaviour. Sometimes, it isn’t that the children are being misbehaving, but simply can’t hear your instructions, due to parents talking in the background.

Bubble Machines – Bubbles have always been fascinating to younger children and can add a sense enchantment to any party. And when paired with the magic of Disney music it can make for a world of excitement and imagination.

Lighting – Good lighting at parties is always key when your children are rocking it out on the dance floor. Laser lighting on ceilings and walls of venues is extremely effective and appeals towards the magical entertainment of the party.

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