Fun Ideas for Children’s Birthday Parties: It can be a challenge for parents planning their child’s birthday party to decide what to do to ensure an enjoyable event for all guests.

There is pressure on parents who compete against each other in providing an unusual party experience for their children.

The important thing to remember when planning a birthday party is that the most important factor is that the children have a great time.  The most successful parties are those which adhere to the principles of the classic children’s birthday party.

The most popular type of event over the last 40 years is where the children arrive at the venue, and are treated to a magic show or some special entertainment, have their tea, and then partake in various games and competitions for the remainder of the party. They are then presented with a little goodie bag, or piece of birthday cake to take home.

A new spin can be applied to this format by introducing theme parties – like a fancy dress party, but with the focus  narrowed to a particular subject matter.  A Super Heroes theme would feature comic book and TV heroes that the children are fascinated with. They dress as their favourite characters, the birthday cake would reflect the super hero theme and, if you have hired an entertainer, they would adapt their show accordingly.

Another great idea is a face painting party. Children love to have their faces painted. This is something that you could do yourself, although it would save you time if you hired a professional face painter for the occasion. This can make for a good outdoor activity when the weather is favourable, and protects your furniture!

Whatever type of party you organise, remember, children have a much shorter attention span than adults, and their perception of time is also quite different, so don’t be tempted to make the party too long. No more than 2.5 hours should be allocated for the party. For example, If you are planning on starting at 3.00 pm, make sure you let all the parents know to collect their children at 5.30pm.

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