When people think about magic and animals the number one animal that springs to mind is the rabbit.

Since the early 20th century rabbits have been used in the famous ‘Hat Trick’, where the magician, to the astonishment of the audience, produces a rabbit out of a top hat. The first magician to perform this trick to an audience was Louis Comte, in 1814. However the trick was later associated with John Henry Anderson. In modern magic, magicians have found new ways of including the rabbit in the show and many magicians have ‘revamped’ the old ‘hat trick’ and adapted it to fit a modern audience.

Magic Animals Other Than Rabbit

However, besides the magically appearing rabbit there are many other animal options that can be included in the show. Collie Wobbles Magic Show stars Titch, the magic rabbit (popular with young children) who forms a key part of the show. He has two more rabbits, which take turns in coming out with him. One was a gift to his daughter from her grandmother, the other was rescued from a breeding farm. Both rabbits are Dwarf rabbits, which is a popular breed for magicians due to their ability to fit into smaller spaces. There is also George, our incredible Java Dove, who has six housemates who can also appear. For many years, Java Doves have featured in magic tricks because of their white beauty. They are mainly feathers and their body is small, allowing the magicians to hide them in tight spaces. The other wonderful thing about these birds is that they can be trained over time with food. Magicians will train them to sit on the finger or to fly back the owner. Java doves make for a stunning magical experience. Lastly, there is Freddie, our spell-binding fish. He is a goldfish who is also featured in a mesmerising trick in the show involving a balloon and a wine glass. Surprisingly, there is only one fish! He is about three years old now and when he becomes too big will retire in Collie’s dad’s pond. Some people rightly question. ‘Should people work with animals for entertainment?’. We feel very strongly that every animal has a soul and feelings therefore all of our animals are lovingly cared for in our family home as pets. Every animal is registered with our local vets. Collie Wobbles Magic is proud to confirm that every trick in which animals are used has been tested and approved in terms of animal welfare.