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Children’s Magic Show

Children Magic Show: I understand that choosing the right entertainer for your child isn’t always easy. There are so many ‘Children’s Entertainers’ out there to choose from, with each presenting a different style, some highlighting ‘silliness’ and being ‘daft’ as the most important thing within their show, and others who put their magic tricks as the driving feature. Either style can make for an interesting event however, I personally prefer to put ‘entertainment’ at the top of my list, utilising comedy, magic tricks, live animals and puppetry to create the perfect mix of fun and visually dynamic performance.   

I have worked hard over the last 20 years to ensure my show is unique to any other within your area. The event is a mixture of fast moving action and colourful comedy that’s Jam packed from start to finish with audience participation, magic, animals and most importantly laughter.

The narrative of the show follows Mr Collie Wobbles as he aims to prove himself as a brilliant magician in United Kingdom. But, unfortunately for him, children can be unforgiving and they quickly bring him back down to earth with their laughter at his failed attempts to impress. To make things worse Chip the monkey ensures that chaos is made within every show, setting off the bubble machine at the wrong time, throwing balls into the audience and putting the music on when it’s not needed! entrance in a spectacular way at the end of the show to sing a song.