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The Mr. Collie Wobbles Magic Show

Children Magic Party Show: I understand that choosing the right entertainer for your children’s party isn’t always easy. There are so many Children’s Entertainers out there to choose from, with each presenting a different style, some highlighting silliness and being daft as the most important thing within their show, and others who put their magic tricks as the driving feature. Either style can make for an interesting show however, I personally prefer to put entertainment at the top of my list, utilising comedy, magic tricks, and puppetry to create the perfect mix of fun and visually dynamic performance.

I have worked hard over the last 20 years to ensure my children’s parties are unique to any others within your area. The show is a mixture of fast moving action and colourful comedy that’s jam packed from start to finish with audience participation, magic and most importantly laughter.

The narrative of the show follows Mr Collie Wobbles as he aims to prove himself as a brilliant magician. But, unfortunately for him, children can be unforgiving and they quickly bring him back down to earth with their laughter at his failed attempts to impress. To make things worse Chip the monkey ensures that chaos is made within every show, setting off the bubble machine at the wrong time, throwing balls into the audience and putting the music on when it’s not needed! The climax of the show is Mr Collie Wobbles magic suit case, where an audience’s shoe is places within it. The birthday child does the magic but is goes wrong!

Party packages:

One hour magic show –  Morning show  FROM £170   Afternoon FROM £190


One and a half hours magic and games – Morning party FROM £230          afternoon FROM  £250

Collie Wobbles Games Parties

It’s no secret that children’s parties can be an expensive outlay. By the time that you have hired a small hall, provided party food and put together party bags, the pennies can already begin to add up and that is without even including the cost of the all important entertainment!

We at Collie Wobbles magic are highly aware of this factor and want to make sure your child has a magical birthday without the extortionate cost. Therefore, we have been beavering away and have now designed a party package that will fit more into your budget. (Plus, it’s that good, no one needs to know)

This package is based around active involvement and is sure to get everyone on their feet. There will be flashing disco lights, party games and plenty of dancing with guest appearances of our favourite cheeky monkey Chip! For all the budding singers out there will be an open live mic so they can sing along to pop songs that they know and love. Additionally there will be plate spinning offered for everyone and a bubble machine to further the circus fun! All our games include everyone whatever age or size and no one is out, meaning that your child will never be left on the sidelines.

One hour party games  – From £110

One and a half hours of games –   From £150 


Party bags

One of our aims at Collie Wobbles Magic, is to keep your life stress free while organising your child’s party.

Here, we have worked hard to bring out their very own party bags! Affordable, good looking and a magical bag that every child would be proud to take home.  smiley face jigsaw

Our party bags are only £1.20 each and you only pay for what you use on the day. These are suitable for ages 3 years and upwards and include the following:

  • Jigsaw puzzle
  • Sheet of stickers
  • Punch balloon
  • Yo yo
  • Mini bubbles
  • Postcard of Chip the monkey

smiley face punch balloon

All wrapped up in a special Collie Wobbles Magical bag! 

Why buy our bags?

Save time shopping around for items 

smiley face stickers Save money as our bags are great value 

Our bags looks great!


Here at Collie Wobbles Magic we understand that your child only has one birthday per year and we want to ensure that this day is as memorable as possible!

There is no pressure in booking a children’s party or magic show. You may just want to purchase some party bags, hire out our face painter or would just like some friendly advice. Either way, please feel free to give us a ring or contact us via email for any of your requirements. We hope to see you soon!

To book

There are a number of ways to contact me. Either via the booking form or by phone, however I do have a day job so i may not be able to answer your call straight away. Leave a message and I promise to get back to you asap. Or you can email;

Whatever the occasion, age group or venue, there is a Collie Wobbles Children Magic Party Show that will be just right for you.

Need a face painter?  Mr. Collie Wobble’s Magic Party can provide them too!

Book the Mr. Collie Wobbles’ Children Magic Party show now and have a birthday that will be remembered long after the party guests have gone home.

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Areas including Watford, St Albans and other towns and villages within Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Surrey, and Central London